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With competition growing more aggressive each year in nearly every industry, it’s becoming increasingly important for construction companies, like Forrester Construction, to set themselves apart. Differentiating your company from others will be crucial in helping attract talent, win work, and stay at the forefront of people’s minds. Standing out is especially important in the construction industry, as the workforce is already exceedingly competitive, with professionals frequently switching careers or companies and new companies entering the market. If your company is concerned about the competition, consider the following differentiators that can help set you apart in construction management.

Explore New, Exciting Projects

Forrester Construction Mix of Projects in Various Markets – A Unique, Diverse Portfolio

One way to stand out from the competition is by consistently looking for new, exciting projects to take on as a company. Continuously adding experience to your portfolio can help showcase your company’s skills with diverse projects and help expand your company’s offerings and capabilities. 

A great way to find new projects is to look at some of the highest needs within your community. For example, if there is an elevated need for a new school building, it could be an opportunity to explore how your company can get involved. Discover construction and renovation needs in your community by reaching out to your connections, attending networking events, or researching companies or non-profit organizations who may be looking to renovate or expand soon. Staying in touch with your building partners, like past clients or architects, is a great way to stay abreast of any upcoming work. By looking for unique, challenging projects and actively pursuing jobs, you can stay ahead of the competition while building your company’s portfolio. 

Unique Approach to Every Project

Forrester Construction Builds Seal and Sea Lion Exhibit at Smithsonian National Zoo – Stands Out By Unique Building Approach

A common complaint from customers in nearly every industry is not feeling like they are receiving personalized service. Sometimes this is due to poor communication, difficulty contacting a representative, receiving generic, non-personalized services, or other factors. There are many ways to provide outstanding service. One of the most important ways a general contractor can provide good service is by taking a unique approach to every project and each of its phases. Providing a personal touch showcases your company’s different capabilities and is what clients look for when they bring their vision to you to build. 

Each project is unique and presents its own challenges. One example of when Forrester successfully stood apart from other contractors was when we bid on the Seal and Seal Lion Exhibit project at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Our team thoroughly described how we would take a unique approach to the build concerning the neighboring exhibits. Our attention to detail and care regarding the treatment of the neighboring animals, their mating schedules, and other factors are one of the main reasons that Forrester Construction won the Seal and Seal Lion Exhibit project.

Excellent Communication

Project Newsletter by Forrester Construction – Example Snippet of Good Communication

vital part of a successful project is maintaining excellent communication. Good communication with your client, architect, subcontractor partners, engineers, other building partners, your community, and your team is essential. Depending on your role within your company or construction project, you may speak more with one stakeholder than others. For example, your project manager is usually in closer contact with the owner, while the superintendent is generally closer with subcontractor partners. Early communication helps get valuable input from building partners and can keep the project on track regarding plan and schedule, can reduce the risk of unexpected issues, and ultimately set the project up for success. 

Additionally, your client will feel more comfortable with regular updates, as construction projects and renovations are a substantial investment! One way Forrester Construction’s teams help clients and stakeholders stay in the loop with construction projects is by providing newsletters. These newsletters update stakeholders on recently completed work, upcoming work, and other important information. These strong customer service skills can help build lasting relationships that could lead to additional work. 

Get Involved with The Communities You Build In

Forrester Construction Project Manger, Zach, at McKinley Tech High School Career Day

Another way you can stand out is by getting involved. As a construction company, we are transforming communities across the region. These communities have schools, organizations, and other places you can get involved with while building nearby. One example of Forrester’s engagement in the community is when our Alethia Tanner Park project team volunteered at nearby McKinley Tech High School’s career day. This career day allowed students to learn about the construction industry and the park we were building nearby. There are also multiple organizations Forrester Construction volunteers for, donates to, and build and renovates for, like Community of Hope. Giving back to the community shows that your company cares and is a great way to connect with potential clients or building partners.


To recap, some of the key differentiators are a diverse portfolio of project types, thoughtful project approach, excellent communication, and community involvement. These are just a sampling of the unique actions that can make you stand out.  Implementing any or all of these steps can help your construction company stand out from other construction companies and continue building trust within the community.

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